Edinburgh Travel Guide

Edinburgh Travel Guide_ where to eat in Edinburgh, what to do in Edinburgh, where to stay in Edinburgh for a long weekend in Edinburgh

Soooo it has taken me a while to post my Edinburgh Travel Guide. I spent a long weekend in Edinburgh, December 15-18. Today is March 12. Whoops.

I could blame my tardiness on laziness (which would be about 90% true). But the actual reason why I am so late in launching this Edinburgh Travel Guide? I didn’t know what to say.

In case you’re new to Glitter & Spice and/or don’t know me personally, you should know that me being speechless about anything is a rare occurrence. Especially about travel. I’ve visited all but two continents and, in each and every destination, I am able to define exactly what I love about that country. Sure, it’s usually the food… but I’m able to put it into words.

Edinburgh… it was everything. I loved the people. The architecture of the city. The history. All of the kilts. Heck, I even loved the food! Part of what makes the city so special is the fact that the city is divided into two sectors: Old Town and New Town. The Old Town dates back to as early as the 12th century, while the New Town was built starting in the 1760s. And y’all – I love any city in which the “new” city is older than my country.

I did a long weekend in Edinburgh with my best friend and within 10 minutes of our arrival in the city, we both declared our love for Edinburgh. So much so that I am trying to get back to Scotland for a week this summer, just to experience it again. If you haven’t yet been to Edinburgh, trust me: this is a destination you’ll want to visit.

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How to Stay Motivated to Workout During the Holidays + a Giveaway!

How to Stay Motivated to Workout During the Holidays

just walked in the door from an absolutely wonderful weekend in Edinburgh… but more on that in a few days.

In the past, I’ve shared my tips for staying active while traveling. But never before have I shared my tips for how to stay motivated to workout during the holidays. Oddly, the holidays are always the one time each year when I really kick my butt in gear and workout with any form of regularity. I don’t know if it’s the additional vacation time or the fear of what effect six holiday parties in three days might have on my body, but I always stay relatively active during the holiday season.

BTW if you want to just skip this whole post and go straight for the giveaway, no judgement – just click here.

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Using Fitness to Boost Self-Confidence

How to Get Fit this Fall in Dallas, Curvy Workout Clothes

I am not and never have been the skinniest girl in the room. For years, I’ve had issues accepting my body. I feel like, starting in high school, I was always trying one diet or another… but I was never happy with how my body looked.

As most of you know (because I talked about it here… and here), I have a personal trainer. My friend Kami – who, by the way is one of the most darling humans I know – has been my trainer for a few months now. And I’ve honestly never looked forward to working out so much in my life. Our workouts are always full of laughter (and cursing… so much cursing).

Though my weight or dress size hasn’t decreased by much in the months I’ve been working out with Kami, I have achieved my main goal: I feel stronger and more fit. I feel healthier than I have in years and that has nothing to do with the number on the scale. I have been using fitness to boost self-confidence… and it has worked.

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My Weekly Fitness Routine

My Weekly Fitness Routine

I meant to post more this week… but the week totally got away from me. I worked several 10+ hour-long days and – quite honestly – the last thing I want to do when I get home after a day like that is work more. But, due to a combination of the Nordstrom Sale opening for public access on Friday (see all of my activewear picks here!) and the fact that I get so many emails about my weekly workout routine as a curvy blogger, I stood up against lazy me and wrote this post after a very long day.

The first thing that I want to communicate in this post is that looks can be misleading: just because somebody is skinny, doesn’t mean they’re healthy… just like somebody being curvier doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy. I describe my body type as “curvy” (I range from a size 6 to a size 10, based on the brand) and I work out regularly. I try to eat healthy. At the start of the summer, I started working out with a personal trainer. This was not in lieu of other workouts: my sessions with The Kalon Life are in addition to my already existing weekly fitness routine.

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My Favorite Summery Workout Clothes + Workout Tips

Blue Workout Outfit

This summer, I’m focusing on my health and fitness. I’ve been waking up at 6AM every day to workout before work. Eating at least relatively healthy. Drinking a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water per day.

To help further matters (also because I can’t be trusted around french fries), I’ve teamed up with my friend Kami of The Kalon Life. Kami’s been helping me with everything from meal planning to working out (she’s an amazing personal trainer here in Dallas!).

And since I’m now going through a lot more workout clothes per week, shopping has been on the mind as of late. So I thought I’d round up some of my favorite summery workout clothes… And team up with Kami to bring y’all some of her favorite summer workout tips for getting and staying healthy!

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