How to Decide if You’re Ready to Get Your MBA + a Giveaway!

How to Decide if You're Ready to Get Your MBA | Ann Taylor Work Dress | Blue Work Dress via Glitter & Spice

I decided to take the last two weeks off. Well, really I decided to take one week off two weeks ago so I could take advantage of the time with my family while traveling Europe. Also, I got a bit sick… and the absolute last thing you want to do when you’re sick and on vacation in Europe is work. So I opted out.

And then I was just crazy busy while in London. I’m talking up and out the door by 8:30AM every day, and returning around 11PM each night. Apparently my social life is more active in London than in Dallas. (Don’t worry – posts will come soon!)

But now we’re good. I’m in Paris with friends, but I believe I can deliver with a degree of normalcy. And I’ve decided to kick off said normalcy with a post which has been long-requested: how to decide if you’re ready to get your MBA. Oh and an amazing $1000 Nordstrom giveaway… just in time for the Nordstrom Sale next month (don’t worry: I’m doing a bunch of these so you’ll have ample chance to win!!).

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The Best Work-Appropriate Skirts for Under $150

I am all about buying pieces that are stylish and timeless. And that don’t break the bank. That’s a big one.

Over the summer, I bought a lot of work-appropriate skirts for under $150. And then school started back up. And, despite the fact that I’ve repeatedly told y’all that you’re supposed to wear business casual to MBA classes, I’ve been majorly slacking in the wardrobe department. As in miniskirts and a blouse with sandals on a good day. And ripped jeans with a comfy tee and my Soludos (or workout clothes!) the rest of the time.

I’d say A for effort… but that’d be grading on a steep curve.

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My Tips for First-Year MBA Students

My Tips for First-Year MBA Students, Y.A.S Drop Waist Dress With Long Sleeve

So this post is going up a little later in the week than usual. Last week, I had two group projects and a paper due. And school had to come first. When I finally had time to write this post, it was after 2AM on Wednesday night. So I decided to just put it on hold for a few days.

But the story of me writing this post is actually perfectly in line with this post’s subject: my tips for first-year MBA students. Obviously, one of my biggest tips is that you have to put school first. Well, health first… school a close second. (As I write this battling a horrible cold – lesson learned!)

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How to Dress for Business School

How to dress for business school

Today is day three of first year orientation… and my first day back on campus since May. While planning out my outfit for today’s orientation event (it’s the “Meet the Clubs” fair and, as a club president, I am required to attend), a question dawned on me: when exactly did I figure out how to dress for business school?

Before starting school, I was told (as most first years are) to dress business casual. Before I deep-dive into this post, note that each program has its own unspoken dress code. For my MBA program, that means that Thursdays are casual (aka jeans). And that the moment you accept an internship or full-time job offer, you have the green light to wear workout clothes to class.

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What’s On My MBA Back-to-School Shopping List

MBA School Supply List

Next week marks the beginning of my second year of my MBA (the beginning of the end?). Last year, I wandered in blind. Had no idea what I needed. No clue what to expect. Just kinda showed up. I think I even waited till mid-September to get a schoolbag… and my textbooks. Whoops.

But this year, I’m seasoned. I have some idea as to what to expect in terms of my classes and professors… and what to include on my MBA back-to-school shopping list.

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