Edinburgh Travel Guide

Edinburgh Travel Guide_ where to eat in Edinburgh, what to do in Edinburgh, where to stay in Edinburgh for a long weekend in Edinburgh

Soooo it has taken me a while to post my Edinburgh Travel Guide. I spent a long weekend in Edinburgh, December 15-18. Today is March 12. Whoops.

I could blame my tardiness on laziness (which would be about 90% true). But the actual reason why I am so late in launching this Edinburgh Travel Guide? I didn’t know what to say.

In case you’re new to Glitter & Spice and/or don’t know me personally, you should know that me being speechless about anything is a rare occurrence. Especially about travel. I’ve visited all but two continents and, in each and every destination, I am able to define exactly what I love about that country. Sure, it’s usually the food… but I’m able to put it into words.

Edinburgh… it was everything. I loved the people. The architecture of the city. The history. All of the kilts. Heck, I even loved the food! Part of what makes the city so special is the fact that the city is divided into two sectors: Old Town and New Town. The Old Town dates back to as early as the 12th century, while the New Town was built starting in the 1760s. And y’all – I love any city in which the “new” city is older than my country.

I did a long weekend in Edinburgh with my best friend and within 10 minutes of our arrival in the city, we both declared our love for Edinburgh. So much so that I am trying to get back to Scotland for a week this summer, just to experience it again. If you haven’t yet been to Edinburgh, trust me: this is a destination you’ll want to visit.

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How to Research and Plan an International Vacation

How to Research and Plan an International Vacation, Blackness Castle

I get a lot of questions about my travels. How I manage to travel without totally breaking the bank (I’ll get to that one eventually). How I come up with my travel itineraries. And how to research and plan an international vacation.

That last one has been popping up more and more ever since I announced my trip to London, Edinburgh, and Paris.

Planning a trip to a foreign country can have a few challenges… And planning a trip to a foreign country in which English is not the majority spoken language can have a few more. But, as this past trip was my third international trip in 2017, I’ve come up with a few tricks to help make the planning process a bit easier.

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