Feminine Apartment Tour + Mother’s Day with Greenleaf

Feminine Apartment Tour + Mother's Day with Greenleaf, How to Add Feminine Touches to a Room, Girly Living Room Ideas for Apartments

This post has been sponsored by Greenleaf Gifts.

Thank y’all so much for all of the thoughtful messages and kind wishes about my new house! I spent the majority of last week packing up my life before Thursday’s move… and, since then, I’ve been playing a real-life version of minesweeper with all of the boxes in my house. It’s a bit hectic around here, but it will all be worth it once I’m finally settled!!

Which brings me to this post. Today, I’m featuring something y’all have been requesting for a long time. And I mean a long long time.

My apartment tour. Or rather, my über feminine apartment tour. And to do it right, I’ve teamed up with the folks at Greenleaf.

Really, for the full effect, I wish I could encode the smells of each room into this blog post. But y’all are just gonna have to trust me when I say my apartment smelled like flowers, deliciousness, and friggin heaven. These candles would make such a great Mother’s Day present to the lucky mamas in your life… and one lucky reader (or her mama!) will be receiving the whole set as a gift from Greenleaf!

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I Bought a House (A Little Life Update)

A Little Life Update... I Bought a House, Photo idea to announce new house, cute photo announcement for new home

I bought a house!! SURPRISE! It’s been killing me keeping this from y’all, but I bought a house! I closed on the house last Wednesday (happy birthday to me!), and I’ll be moving in later this week. On Thursday, in fact. And I could not be more excited.

I wanted to share the “before” of the house with y’all so you can see it without all my stuff in it. Keep reading for all of the photos and more about my home-buying process!

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My Bedtime Routine to Guarantee a Good Night’s Sleep

My Bedtime Routine to Guarantee a Good Night's Sleep, ASOS lemon print pajamas

If there’s one area in which I truly excel, it’s sleeping. I can sleep just about anywhere and pretty much at any time. I sleep on planes, trains, and whenever I’m the passenger in an automobile. Typically, I can fall asleep in under 10 minutes.

But how do I do that? I’ve developed my own bedtime routine to guarantee a good night’s sleep. And I stick to it. When I deviate from that routine, I end up tossing and turning for hours on end. And nobody wants that (or to be around me after a night like that).

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My Bedroom Reveal & A Giveaway!

My Bedroom Reveal

I immediately moved out on my own upon graduating college four years ago. And purchased a room full of furniture. It was a lot of dark colors – the colors I had primarily worn in college in the northeast. Dark colors, brass grommets, and a surprising quantity of black furniture (particularly surprising since I no longer even own that color).

Obviously, since that fresh-from-the-frozen-tundra-of-upstate-NY time, my style has slightly changed. In case you missed my living room reveal, my apartment now embraces the fact that I’m a single girl who lives alone. It’s girly as all hell, y’all. There’s pink all over the place, fabulous fashion prints, and even a giant picture of ballerinas. My room did not go with the general theme of my home. I desperately needed a bedroom redesign.

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The #PinkChairPalace Living Room Tour!

The #PinkChairPalace Living Room Tour, girly living room, preppy living room, apartment living, pink chair

I am so excited to share my living room tour with y’all!!! The #PinkChairPalace has been a work in progress for nearly six months, but, now that it’s done, it makes me so so happy – it’s so girly and fun and I hope y’all love it as much as I do.

In any room, you need a focal point. My TV is definitely the focal point in my living room… but, in case it isn’t obvious, my pale pink chairs (I have two!) come in a close second. But first in my heart.

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