How to Be Festive for Valentine’s Day While Single

How to Be Festive for Valentine's Day While Single, Valentine's Day Outfit

My mother’s going to get so depressed when she sees the title for today’s post. But, honestly, I’m actually happy to be flying solo for Valentine’s Day this year.

And by “solo” I mean with a large group of my darling friends. Plus a glass (or a few!) of champagne. Because that’s the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day while single.

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What to Wear If You’re Going on a Date Straight from Work This Fall

Going on a date straight from work outfit

I know I’ve mentioned this before… but I’m single. I go on dates. A lot of dates actually. But idk if it’s due to the fact that I go on some of the most hilariously bad dates ever. Or to the fact that I talk with my hands and may or may not have wounded a date or two with my favorite ring (whoops). Or to the fact that I’m just a weird human…. but single I am.

As I am now back in the working world (at least for the next two weeks), I’ve frequently found myself going on a date straight from work. And when you get off work at 7PM and your date starts at 7PM, you typically don’t have time to change into a preplanned outfit. Or at all. Or even fluff your hair into something that isn’t the saddest hairstyle in the history of corporate America. Hello, my life.

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What to Wear on a Date + My Worst Dating Stories

What to Wear on a Date

Well hello there! I’m back from Colorado and I had the absolute best long weekend. And I obviously got absolutely nothing done.

But at least we have this post: what to wear on a date.

I know, I know: hilarious that I would write about dating at all since I’m single AF… but you can’t blame my wardrobe for my lack of beau. My questionable timing for humorous quips, however…

And now I will use that humor to share some of my favorite terrible date stories with y’all. Get excited.

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