How to Stay Focused When Working From Home + BIG GIVEAWAYS!

How to Stay Focused When Working From Home, how to wear a pink sweater, how to wear a leather skirt in spring

Finally. A Blogging Basics post which is definitely applicable to those outside of the blogging industry: how to stay focused when working from home.

Y’all: this is a challenge for me. How can I motivate myself to get sh** done while my TV is calling my name? Or my bed is beckoning for me? Or I realize that I desperately need to clean my house and start spring cleaning up the wazoo?

That last one really needs to happen right now BTW.

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My 5 Tips for Writing a Great Resume

My 5 Tips for Writing a Great Resume

As I mentioned in this post, I accepted a job offer late last fall. Leading up to that offer though, I had so many interviews. And I submitted even more applications that didn’t ever lead to an interview. At the end of the day, searching for a job is a numbers game. The more applications you submit, the higher your chances of landing at least one interview. The more interviews you have, the greater your chances of receiving a job offer.

But… what can one do to improve her chances of getting that interview? The simple answer? Make your resume the most appetizing thing that comes across the recruiter’s desk that day. But how does one do that? To help you get your resume in fighting shape, I’ve worked with one of my besties (she works as a recruiter!) to round up my 5 tips for writing a great resume.

Oh and BTW before we dive in: my top, skirtcoat , and sunglasses are all on sale! And you’re def gonna want to register for this week’s giveaway!!! (Trust me!)

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How to Dress for an Interview + My Best Interview Tips

How to dress for an interview

Greetings from NYC! This post needed a few more tweaks (which is why its going live so belatedly), even after I’ve been working on it for literally weeks.

Ever since I posted this blog post a few months ago, I’ve received questions about how to dress for an interview, asking me what interview tips I have to impart on others. As a business school student who had two different jobs before going back for my MBA, I have had dozens (if not hundreds) of interviews. And I am delighted to say that I am much much better at interviewing now than I was at age 22.

Like… much better. Thank goodness.

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How to Dress for Business School

How to dress for business school

Today is day three of first year orientation… and my first day back on campus since May. While planning out my outfit for today’s orientation event (it’s the “Meet the Clubs” fair and, as a club president, I am required to attend), a question dawned on me: when exactly did I figure out how to dress for business school?

Before starting school, I was told (as most first years are) to dress business casual. Before I deep-dive into this post, note that each program has its own unspoken dress code. For my MBA program, that means that Thursdays are casual (aka jeans). And that the moment you accept an internship or full-time job offer, you have the green light to wear workout clothes to class.

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What’s On My MBA Back-to-School Shopping List

MBA School Supply List

Next week marks the beginning of my second year of my MBA (the beginning of the end?). Last year, I wandered in blind. Had no idea what I needed. No clue what to expect. Just kinda showed up. I think I even waited till mid-September to get a schoolbag… and my textbooks. Whoops.

But this year, I’m seasoned. I have some idea as to what to expect in terms of my classes and professors… and what to include on my MBA back-to-school shopping list.

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