How to Stay Focused When Working From Home + BIG GIVEAWAYS!

How to Stay Focused When Working From Home, how to wear a pink sweater, how to wear a leather skirt in spring

Finally. A Blogging Basics post which is definitely applicable to those outside of the blogging industry: how to stay focused when working from home.

Y’all: this is a challenge for me. How can I motivate myself to get sh** done while my TV is calling my name? Or my bed is beckoning for me? Or I realize that I desperately need to clean my house and start spring cleaning up the wazoo?

That last one really needs to happen right now BTW.

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How to Host a Girls’ Night with Decoy

Thank you Decoy for sponsoring this post. Elevate your occasion with Decoy wines.

How to Host a Girls' Night with Decoy, Decoy wine sauvignon blanc, Decoy California rosé review

Happy Tuesday, friends! I meant for this post to go up yesterday but then this weekend was just too. fun. (whoops)

For today’s post, I’ve teamed up with Decoy (the brains, braun, and beauty behind one of my favorite sauvignon blancs!). They challenged me to “elevate your occasion”, so I decided to share how to host a girls’ night… and do it right! BTW if you’ve never tried Decoy wines, scurry over to your nearest store and get some ASAP. I highly recommend the aforementioned sauvignon blanc (it was rated 90 points by Wine Enthusiast aka it’s really good!).

Oh and PS shoutout to my friends Yasmina, Whitney, and Anna for participating in this shoot with me. And then sticking around after to finish off all of the wine. And cheese. I know it was a huge hardship.

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Why You Should Schedule Blog Posts in Advance

Why You Should Schedule Blog Posts in Advance, Mad Men-style dress, orange mini shirt dress

Whenever life gets busy, the first thing to go is my ability to get content posted on the blog on time. If I don’t schedule blog posts in advance, blog posts go up way late. Like 5PM late. If the posts go up at all.

Whether your life involves travel, work, or just life, things arise. And those things make deadlines hard to meet if you don’t plan ahead. Which is why I so highly recommend that you schedule blog posts in advance in this week’s Blogging Basics post.

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How to Dress for Spring in Texas (Because It’s Hard, Y’all!)

How to Dress for Spring in Texas (Because It's Hard, Y'all!), Soludos Espadrilles with Flamingos

Happy Monday. I’ve been busy prepping for some fun things I have up my sleeves in the next few weeks. And celebrating the weekend. Obviously.

Today, we’re talking all about how to dress for spring in Texas. If this is your first spring in the lone star state, may the force be with you. Texas weather is notoriously erratic. In the past week, we’ve had a day of 50°F and rainy and a day of 87°F without a cloud in the sky.

So… umm… how the eff does one prep for that?!

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Generating New Blog Post Topics + 9 Blog Post Ideas

Generating New Blog Post Topics + 9 Blog Post Ideas, Cooper St Gardenia Dress

Hey friends! Happy Blogging Basics Wednesday! Today’s topic? How I generate new blog post topics. And for those of you who stick around till the very end, I’ve even included 9 of my favorite blog post ideas.

You know, in the event you’re having that much of an issue coming up with new blog post topics. But no judgement: I’ve been there, y’all.

Oh and PS for all the non-bloggers who don’t really care about generating new blog post topics (again, no judgement), I’ve also included all of the details about this outfit and my trip to Palm Beach! So let’s get to it.

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