My Favorite Personal Care Tips for Workouts

My Favorite Personal Care Tips for Workouts

I am so excited to be partnering with Dove today to bring you all of my favorite personal care tips for workouts. I employ each of these tips on an almost-daily basis. AKA whenever I work out, which, admittedly, should be a much more frequent occurrence.

One of the things I love about my job as a blogger is getting to partner with brands I truly love. And Dove is 1000% one of those brands. I purchased the Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant less than one week ago, but I’ve already gone back and purchased two more scents because I honestly like it so much.
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How to Stick to a New Year’s Resolution + a 30 Before 30 Update

How to Stick to a New Year's Resolution + a 30 Before 30 Update

Happy Monday, friends! My to-do list was so never-ending this weekend that I actually fell asleep on the couch last night after dinner, with my computer in hand. So, for the third time in two weeks: better late than never!

Today’s post is all about how to stick to a New Year’s resolution. Each year, I like to set overarching goals for the year. So, instead of “take one trip per month,” it might be “travel more”.

This year, my resolution was to cook more. It was actually to cook in every meal on weekdays and only eat out on weekends, but that was quickly revised as I realized that wasn’t sustainable. Last week, I cooked in for all but two meals (which is quite impressive noting that I maybe cooked in twice in three months last fall!).

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How to Research and Plan an International Vacation

How to Research and Plan an International Vacation, Blackness Castle

I get a lot of questions about my travels. How I manage to travel without totally breaking the bank (I’ll get to that one eventually). How I come up with my travel itineraries. And how to research and plan an international vacation.

That last one has been popping up more and more ever since I announced my trip to London, Edinburgh, and Paris.

Planning a trip to a foreign country can have a few challenges… And planning a trip to a foreign country in which English is not the majority spoken language can have a few more. But, as this past trip was my third international trip in 2017, I’ve come up with a few tricks to help make the planning process a bit easier.

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Why it’s Important to Have a Blogger Bestie

Why it's Important to Have a Blogger Bestie, ASOS sweater dress

In case you can’t tell from the bag, I definitely meant to post this look before the holidays. It made it into my holiday gift guide and into my Instagram feed… but somehow never onto the blog. But today we’re fixing that. Because better late than never.

Which is also my excuse for getting this post up 13 hours behind schedule. Whoops.

Today, for the year’s first Blogging Basics post, I wanted to share something that is actually really important to me as a blogger: why it’s important to have a blogger bestie. I don’t mean for non-bloggers you need to have a blogger bestie (but you should because we’re awesome… and you end up getting a lot of free stuff from PR packages!), this is directed at bloggers. If you are a blogger, you need a blogger bestie.

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I’m Back (!!) + 5 Things I’m Excited About in 2018

I'm Back (!!) + 5 Things I'm Excited About in 2018

Helloooooo friends! After nearly a full month of traveling, I’m back in Dallas. And back at school.

I used to think I could travel for forever. This break made me realize that that was so not the case. Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely loved every single second of my trip (even though I was sick as a dog the entire time!)… but I was really ready to get back to my own bed in my own apartment by the end.

As you may have noticed, I took a few weeks off from blogging. I had originally intended to work through my trips, but, once I arrived in Europe, I realized that I needed a break: I needed to unplug, to spend time with the friends I was visiting, and become inspired once again. I used my time last week in Colorado to look back on 2017, plan out my content for 2018, and generally get back in the groove of things. And now I’m ready to go… with a few things I’m excited about in 2018.

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