What to Buy on Prime Day 2018 (and What I Bought!)

Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 Deals | What to Buy on Amazon Prime Day | Best Dresses on Sale Right Now via fashion blogger Glitter & Spice

Happy Amazon Prime Day! The deals launched yesterday at noon Pacific time (2PM Central)… and since I wrote this blog post last night at around 8:30PM, there are probably a whooooole lotta deals I’m missing in my roundup that launched while I was sleeping! You can shop all of the deals by clicking here. Andddd you can shop the rest of my picks (again, all sourced last night so I might be missing a few!) here.

Before we dive in: you might recognize the location for today’s photos. Yep, these photos were taken when I went to Versailles last month. Why am I posting a LOFT dress taken at Versailles for Amazon Prime Day? Because today’s pretty much the closest I get to feeling like a pretty pretty princess / a big spender all year.

Vacuum? Add to cart. New TV? Pish posh, let’s do it – it’s basically free. Okay that brings my total to about 40% less than I had budgeted… so let’s grab a few more things BECAUSE WE CAN.

Or is that not how y’all shop?

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The Best Day Trips from London + Nordstrom Giveaway

The Best Day Trips from London | How to Get to Stonehenge from London | Best Bus Trips from London

This post is the first of four that I’ll be publishing about London this summer… and the first of [at least] eight that I’ll be publishing about last month’s big European adventure. Including the much-requested travel guides for both London and Paris! Yayyyyyy.

Today, I’m kicking off that aforementioned European series with a post all about the best day trips from London. Because, honestly, those day trips I took from London were some of my favorite days of my trip!

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How to Dress for a Long Plane Ride + My Itinerary!

How to Dress for a Long Plane Ride | European Adventure Itinerary | One Month in Europe

Greetings from the Adriatic Sea! No, this is not your regularly-scheduled Blogging Basics programming. But that’s because (a) I couldn’t come up with a Blogging Basics topic for today, (b) I was supposed to post this on Monday but I got lazy, and (c) y’all have been requesting this post like crazy this week. So here you go.

I’ve received soooo many emails and DMs asking me to write a guide on how to dress for a long plane ride. Apparently y’all are as boggled by international flight attire / overnight flight attire as I am.

Before we dive in: as always, wear what you want. If wearing a dress makes you happy, do it. I wore a maxi dress on last May’s flight to Seoul and, upon arrival, I decided it was the greatest decision I’d made. Like ever. Even though all my friends thought I was crazy (and I looked slightly absurd with my compression socks and oversized sweater). But it made me happy and it worked.

In this post, I’m sharing my go-to look in the hopes it helps you figure out how to dress for a long plane ride. Not all of the possibilities. Just my go-to. Which just so happens to be the exact look I wore on Friday to fly to Milan.

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Generating New Blog Post Topics + 9 Blog Post Ideas

Generating New Blog Post Topics + 9 Blog Post Ideas, Cooper St Gardenia Dress

Hey friends! Happy Blogging Basics Wednesday! Today’s topic? How I generate new blog post topics. And for those of you who stick around till the very end, I’ve even included 9 of my favorite blog post ideas.

You know, in the event you’re having that much of an issue coming up with new blog post topics. But no judgement: I’ve been there, y’all.

Oh and PS for all the non-bloggers who don’t really care about generating new blog post topics (again, no judgement), I’ve also included all of the details about this outfit and my trip to Palm Beach! So let’s get to it.

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Edinburgh Travel Guide

Edinburgh Travel Guide_ where to eat in Edinburgh, what to do in Edinburgh, where to stay in Edinburgh for a long weekend in Edinburgh

Soooo it has taken me a while to post my Edinburgh Travel Guide. I spent a long weekend in Edinburgh, December 15-18. Today is March 12. Whoops.

I could blame my tardiness on laziness (which would be about 90% true). But the actual reason why I am so late in launching this Edinburgh Travel Guide? I didn’t know what to say.

In case you’re new to Glitter & Spice and/or don’t know me personally, you should know that me being speechless about anything is a rare occurrence. Especially about travel. I’ve visited all but two continents and, in each and every destination, I am able to define exactly what I love about that country. Sure, it’s usually the food… but I’m able to put it into words.

Edinburgh… it was everything. I loved the people. The architecture of the city. The history. All of the kilts. Heck, I even loved the food! Part of what makes the city so special is the fact that the city is divided into two sectors: Old Town and New Town. The Old Town dates back to as early as the 12th century, while the New Town was built starting in the 1760s. And y’all – I love any city in which the “new” city is older than my country.

I did a long weekend in Edinburgh with my best friend and within 10 minutes of our arrival in the city, we both declared our love for Edinburgh. So much so that I am trying to get back to Scotland for a week this summer, just to experience it again. If you haven’t yet been to Edinburgh, trust me: this is a destination you’ll want to visit.

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