5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To + a Giveaway!

Podcasts I've Been Listening to Lately | 5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To 2018 | Podcast Recommendations via life and style blogger, Glitter & Spice

Now that I’ve rejoined the wonderful world of corporate America (and have quite the lengthy commute), I’ve gotten very into podcasts. And I mean very into them. My mornings aren’t complete without listening to my podcasts.

I talked about my love for The Daily in this post. And, if you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen me mention a few of my other faves on Instagram Stories. But I thought it about time I sat down and shared my favorite podcasts you should be listening to (and why I love them!).

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What to Wear to an Office Holiday Party

What to Wear to an Office Holiday Party | Purple Holiday Dress | Formal Holiday Attire via Dallas fashion blogger Glitter & Spice

If your schedule is anything like mine these next few weeks, it’s filled to the brim with holiday season fun. Here’s what I have planned thus far:

Wednesday: holiday shopping event, hosted by my friend Whitney.

Thursday: my company’s casual holiday party.

Friday: holiday dinner with friends.

Saturday: my annual holiday party / my first holiday party at my new house.

And that’s just the next five days. Next week is even worse (read: every night).

But really, all of that is nothing. In years past, I’ve been a +1 to many a friend’s office holiday party – sometimes packing as many as five fiestas into a two-week period. And in college it was even worse with all of the formals and date parties. It’s a wonder I studied at all.

Basically all of that is to say I now really have figuring out what to wear to an office holiday party nailed down pat. And I’m going to share my Jedi-level holiday attire wisdom with all of you today. Get excited.

Oh and PS all of my looks can be found at Nordstrom. So if you have a holiday party this week, go ahead and click to order online as you can just pick it up in store!

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Where to Shop Online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Where to Shop Online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday | Best Black Friday Sales Online | Best Cyber Monday Sales

So I have a little surprise for y’all. In addition to telling you where to shop online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (aka all of the Cyber Week sales), I also picked out my fav gifts of the season. These gifts are not only broken up by each retailer, but they’re also in my annual Holiday Guide!

That’s right, friends: it’s live! ICYMI on my Instagram/Instagram Stories/the Facebook Announcement, my Holiday Guide is live and even bigger and better than last year’s guide! It includes over 100 of my favorite gifts of the holiday season, as well as nearly 100 items for you to buy yourself! Treat yo’ self 2018.

If at any time you want to find the Holiday Guide, click the Holiday dropdown in my navigation bar. The guide will also be at the bottom of ALL POSTS published between now and New Year’s Eve. And that includes today’s post. Obviously. So get excited.

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My Workday Morning Routine

My Workday Morning Routine | How I Start My Day | How to Become a Morning Person

First off, thank you to all who reached out and commented on my voting post. I’m so happy so many of you found it informative. While the election didn’t necessarily have the results I particularly desired, one amazing result is definitely worth noting:

Women absolutely killed it this year.

As I’m sure you know by now, we elected a record high number of women this year. Female representatives and governors abound – many of whom are minorities. As these women represent both sides of the aisle, this is a bipartisan accomplishment. And, as somebody who considers herself a feminist and desires to see more women in the workplace and in positions of power, I think it is all totally awesome.

Oh and PS I know you’re all dying to see the new hair, but you’re gonna have to wait till later today/tomorrow. Or you can just pop over to my Instagram and check it out there. Up to you, boo.

Which brings me to the topic for this post: my workday morning routine. As somebody who is so not a morning person, creating this routine – the bulk of which occurs before 8AM – has been really challenging for me. There are still days during which I struggle to wake up in time, skip my workout, or forget to eat breakfast… But I’m getting more consistent each and every week at my workday morning routine.

Plus, Starbucks helps.

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Why You Need to Vote on November 6th

Why You Need to Vote on November 6th | Why You Need to Vote in Midterm Elections | Workwear for Women | Fall Outfit Idea

Hey y’all.

So… it’s been a hot sec since I last posted. In truth, I’ve spent the majority of this last month thinking about my role as a blogger and struggling to determine how transparent to be on this platform I’ve built over the past five years.

Last month, we confirmed a man to a lifetime position on the Supreme Court. A man who had been accused of assault and – whether he was guilty of that 30-year-old crime or not – responded to those allegations by:

  1. Discounting the pain that assault survivors face every day, and
  2. Blaming the other political party for the entire situation in which he had found himself.

But more on that later.

In the event you’re one of those people who only likes to read above the fold and then scroll through pictures, I have one message for you to take from this post:


You need to vote. Why? For starters, too many people are dying of gun violence in schools, synagogues, and grocery stores for you to stay silent. Women’s rights over their own bodies is once again being called under question. Minority groups are being persecuted, and hate crimes in this country continue to rise. As divisive, partisan, and ugly as it may seem, too much is happening in this country for you to sit back and do nothing this midterm election season. So you need to vote.

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