What to Wear If You’re Going on a Date Straight from Work This Fall

Going on a date straight from work outfit

I know I’ve mentioned this before… but I’m single. I go on dates. A lot of dates actually. But idk if it’s due to the fact that I go on some of the most hilariously bad dates ever. Or to the fact that I talk with my hands and may or may not have wounded a date or two with my favorite ring (whoops). Or to the fact that I’m just a weird human…. but single I am.

As I am now back in the working world (at least for the next two weeks), I’ve frequently found myself going on a date straight from work. And when you get off work at 7PM and your date starts at 7PM, you typically don’t have time to change into a preplanned outfit. Or at all. Or even fluff your hair into something that isn’t the saddest hairstyle in the history of corporate America. Hello, my life.

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How I Stay Active on Vacation

How to Stay Active on Vacation

Today’s the day! I’m off to Spain and seriously could not be more excited. I’m pretty good about sleeping on planes (as in I actually have serious problems staying awake while flying – would definitely not make a good pilot), but I have a Harry Potter coloring book in tow for my travel buddy to keep her entertained the entire way to Barcelona tonight. Yep, she’s an adult.

I do a fair bit of traveling (see: Disney World in January and Cuba in December), and one question I’m always asked is how I stay healthy while traveling. Short answer is: I don’t. I believe in trying everything (food and drink-wise) while traveling. But I do manage to offset the gluttony (a bit) and stay active on vacation. So I thought it about time I shared a few of my favorite tips and tricks to staying active while traveling.

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Navy Bell-Sleeve Blouse Under $100

Navy Bell-Sleeve Blouse Under $100

This post is going up a bit later than usual because I was feeling a little under the weather this weekend… and we can’t have that! After all, I leave for Spain on Friday!!

And, yes, this navy bell-sleeve blouse is totally coming with me. To wear as above, with my favorite mini for some nighttime fun, and/or with my brand-new aqua jeans.

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Ruffle Hem Blouse

Ann Taylor Flutter Sleeve Ruffle Hem Blouse

Note to self: write and publish the blog post before you do two workouts in one day. Not after. Because you will pass out the moment you get home, before you have the chance to do any work. And you will sleep for a solid 10 hours and it will be glorious.

And that is exactly what happened to me last night.

But here is what I was going to say today: there have been some crazy-weird trends in fashion happening lately. Wearing silk pajamas as daywear (like here and here), pom-pom everything (I’m totally on board for that one! I also love these shoes, this bag, and this clutch), tasseled everything (I’m digging this backpack, this bracelet stack, this top, and these earrings), and kimonos galore. Thankfully, there’s also a few somewhat normal ones… including flare sleeves. And, in case its not evident from my flared-sleeve ruffle hem blouse, I’ve become all about the flare sleeves lately.

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The Perfect Gown for a Black Tie Event

ML Monique Lhuillier Burgundy Center Stage Gown

BAM. That’s what I feel like in this dress: like every time I walk into a room, somebody’s there making “BAM” sound effects.

I go to a lot of black tie events. Finding a dress that will top the previous gowns is hard work, y’all. But I truly think that this is it: I’ve finally found the perfect gown for a black tie event. It’s at once both sexy and classy, both exposing and demure. Really everything I want to communicate on a daily basis.

Plus it makes you feel like a princess when you wear it.

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