Floral Bodice Midi-Length Sundress

Floral Bodice Midi-Length Sundress

Hi friends! In the event that you don’t receive my weekly mailer and have been like “hayyy, where’s Amanda?” lately, I’m sorry ’bout that. I spent the past few days focusing on the start of my new semester of classes (yet, somehow, I’m already behind). And getting used to a life without the daily siesta.

Scratch that last one. I’m literally never going to get used to a life without siestas. They’re the most wonderful part of every day.

Speaking of siestas, these photos were taken in Plaza Mayorjust before we went back for our siestas (hence my sleepy eyes). We spent our second-to-last day of our trip, traipsing around Madrid in our spring-ready sundresses (mine being this midi-length sundress, my friend’s being a mini Lilly dress).

Seriously, could we be any more American?

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How to Wear a Neck Scarf for Spring

Ann Taylor Peter Pan Collar

I’m a big fan of the neck scarf. The whole trend. I’m definitely on board that train. So, when I got a few messages from readers asking me how to wear a neck scarf for spring, I was like: yup, I’m doing this. Hence this post.

Neck scarves are best used in slightly chilly weather (65°F and under). Otherwise – and trust me on this – you’ll be schvitzing. I took these photos in Park Güell in Barcelona (one of Gaudi’s most famous architectural spots in the city) on our warmest day in the city (it was still only 65°F). After a 2.5 hour wait to get into the park (my friend bought our tickets for the wrong day so I had to sweet-talk the attendant into giving us complimentary spots for that afternoon instead… and then we went to a bar to kill time, as one does), we were so excited to get in and explore. I had been to Park Güell 11 years ago with my mom, and it was just as impressive/Dr. Seuss-like the second time around. And then we went under the lookout spot and found the most perfect light ever… so we just had to take some photos!

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The Comfiest Colored Jeans

Faux leather bucket bag

It has been quite the successful first two days of my trip to Spain! Our meals have been perfection. The weather’s been lovely (albeit chilly). I managed to see a friend from college on day one. And, in just two days, we’ve already ticked off a few must-see-Barcelona-items from our list.

Yesterday, I wore these super-fun aqua-colored jeans (aka the comfiest colored jeans of all time) for a full day of jaunting around town. Sure, we started our day at noon because we were a little bit jet-lagged after a rough flight over, but it was still a very full day.

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How I Stay Active on Vacation

How to Stay Active on Vacation

Today’s the day! I’m off to Spain and seriously could not be more excited. I’m pretty good about sleeping on planes (as in I actually have serious problems staying awake while flying – would definitely not make a good pilot), but I have a Harry Potter coloring book in tow for my travel buddy to keep her entertained the entire way to Barcelona tonight. Yep, she’s an adult.

I do a fair bit of traveling (see: Disney World in January and Cuba in December), and one question I’m always asked is how I stay healthy while traveling. Short answer is: I don’t. I believe in trying everything (food and drink-wise) while traveling. But I do manage to offset the gluttony (a bit) and stay active on vacation. So I thought it about time I shared a few of my favorite tips and tricks to staying active while traveling.

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My Favorite Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials for International Trips

Have you ever had one of those nights when you fell asleep on the couch at 7PM? Then, when you woke up at 10PM feeling like you were hit by a truck, you relocated to the bed and immediately passed out? And totally neglected all of the work you had to do?

That was last night for me. So that’s why this post is going up a little later in the day than usual.

This week is Spring Break finalization week. As I write this post, I am also creating a PowerPoint presentation to send to all interested parties (because I’m a super nerd like that). My goal is to have the flights for my trip finalized today and the hotels booked by Thursday, so definitely keep an eye out for the announcement as to where I’m headed in the coming days!

What I can tell you is that it requires a flight… and a long one at that. I’m no stranger to long travels, and, over the years, I’ve come up with quite the list of travel essentials. At all price points. So get excited and throw on your awkward neck pillow.

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How to Survive Disney World As An Adult

How to survive Walt Disney World as an adult

This post should really be called “how to survive Disney World as an adult without wanting to punch yourself in the face”.

Or just “Walt Disney World Travel Guide”.

Ya know, either works.

Last week marked my fourth time going to Walt Disney World in my lifetime… with two of those times being as an adult (within the past year). As such, I’ve picked up on a few survival techniques. For one: there are only a handful of places in Magic Kingdom that serve alcohol. (Don’t worry: they’re listed below!) For the second: know which rides to FastPass (aka skip the line).

That already sound confusing? Don’t worry: I’ve got you! Keep reading for my full guide on how to survive Disney World as an adult.

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