How to Wear a Neck Scarf for Spring

Ann Taylor Peter Pan Collar

I’m a big fan of the neck scarf. The whole trend. I’m definitely on board that train. So, when I got a few messages from readers asking me how to wear a neck scarf for spring, I was like: yup, I’m doing this. Hence this post.

Neck scarves are best used in slightly chilly weather (65°F and under). Otherwise – and trust me on this – you’ll be schvitzing. I took these photos in Park Güell in Barcelona (one of Gaudi’s most famous architectural spots in the city) on our warmest day in the city (it was still only 65°F). After a 2.5 hour wait to get into the park (my friend bought our tickets for the wrong day so I had to sweet-talk the attendant into giving us complimentary spots for that afternoon instead… and then we went to a bar to kill time, as one does), we were so excited to get in and explore. I had been to Park Güell 11 years ago with my mom, and it was just as impressive/Dr. Seuss-like the second time around. And then we went under the lookout spot and found the most perfect light ever… so we just had to take some photos!

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White Strappy Sundress in Havana

White Strappy Sundress in Havana

I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of my time in Cuba on Instagram… but I thought it about time that I rounded up all of my thoughts pertaining to my trip into one comprehensive post. In English. Because I rediscovered last week that five years of classes and one summer spent studying abroad in Spain has amounted to precisely zero knowledge of the Spanish language.

So that’s good.

I’m going to start off by saying that I had an absolutely wonderful time in Havana… and that if you are even contemplating taking a trip to Cuba, I highly recommend doing so ASAP. The weather was a pleasant surprise after experiencing 22°F temperatures in Dallas shortly before my departure. Throughout my time in Cuba, the weather was in the 80s during the day and then the mid/low 70s at night. Which is why this white strappy sundress was the perfect thing to wear in Havana for a day of exploring Old Havana on foot.

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Little Navy Floral Dress from Dezzal

Olisi Dress

I’m a dress girl, through and through. So when Dezzal reached out to me about sending me a piece or two, is it really that surprising that I chose this navy floral dress?

Let me go ahead and read your mind for you: no, no it isn’t.

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Silk Cape Blouse

Amanda Uprichard Amelie Top

It’s so weird to be in business casual. I’ve actually never had to wear business casual for a job – every job I’ve ever had was casual casual… so it’s super weird to be stocking up on blazers and non-denim pants for the first time in my life. Every new addition to my closet has to be able to be worn as a part of a business casual outfit or it is not going home with me (sad times, off-the-shoulder tops!).

As soon as I spotted this silk cape blouse, I knew it would be perfect for both school and for play. I actually wore it twice in a week: once as a part of a business casual outfit, with this skirt and my favorite nude heels… and then once for some casual brunchin’ with my friends (as seen above and below!).

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Transitioning to Fall (While Wearing a Summer Dress)

How to wear a summer dress in the fall

Well… Happy Monday there, friend!

Today is my first day of my MBA program and I’m pretty sure I’m more nervous for it than I was for my first day of kindergarten. All last week, I was in orientation with my new classmates… all day, every day. I’m happy to report that, despite a shaky first day, I’m already really enjoying myself and I’ve made a few friends.

I really do sound like a kindergartener!

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Workout-to-Play Olive Pants

Athleta Midtown Ankle Pant, olive pants

Just before my trip to Vail, I stopped in at the Athleta store in Frisco to get outfitted for all of my upcoming activities. You know, for all of the exactly three times I worked out over the course of my three-week-long vacation.

Yes, that’s total. I know, super impressive.

My #1 item I wanted? A cute pair of pants I could wear for both hiking on the Village to Village Trail and also for when I went to Golden Eagle in Beaver Creek for my post-hike lunch (my absolute favorite lunch spot – they have the best sandwiches!). Enter these olive pants.

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