How I Stay Active on Vacation

How to Stay Active on Vacation

Today’s the day! I’m off to Spain and seriously could not be more excited. I’m pretty good about sleeping on planes (as in I actually have serious problems staying awake while flying – would definitely not make a good pilot), but I have a Harry Potter coloring book in tow for my travel buddy to keep her entertained the entire way to Barcelona tonight. Yep, she’s an adult.

I do a fair bit of traveling (see: Disney World in January and Cuba in December), and one question I’m always asked is how I stay healthy while traveling. Short answer is: I don’t. I believe in trying everything (food and drink-wise) while traveling. But I do manage to offset the gluttony (a bit) and stay active on vacation. So I thought it about time I shared a few of my favorite tips and tricks to staying active while traveling.

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How I Stay Organized with iStratus DayPlanner

I definitely underestimated how challenging it would be to balance business school and the blog. When I was working, the work typically ended when I got home; I could use the post-work time to focus on the blog. Now, as an MBA student, the work never ends. Any given night, I’m up past 11PM working on either the blog or my schoolwork.

And then you throw in the wrench that is group projects: coordinating 5 peoples’ schedules to perfectly align is a lot more challenging than you think it would be. Staying organized and keeping a regular schedule became nearly impossible. And then I started using iStratus DayPlanner as my main organizational tool on my phone.

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How to Survive Disney World As An Adult

How to survive Walt Disney World as an adult

This post should really be called “how to survive Disney World as an adult without wanting to punch yourself in the face”.

Or just “Walt Disney World Travel Guide”.

Ya know, either works.

Last week marked my fourth time going to Walt Disney World in my lifetime… with two of those times being as an adult (within the past year). As such, I’ve picked up on a few survival techniques. For one: there are only a handful of places in Magic Kingdom that serve alcohol. (Don’t worry: they’re listed below!) For the second: know which rides to FastPass (aka skip the line).

That already sound confusing? Don’t worry: I’ve got you! Keep reading for my full guide on how to survive Disney World as an adult.

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Green Mini Skirt at the State Fair of Texas


I absolutely love the State Fair of Texas. It’s something that I look forward to attending every year… and I haven’t missed a year since I moved to Dallas in 2013.

I still remember the glorious mixture of awe and disgust that occurred on my first trip to the State Fair. Seeing people eating turkey legs the size of my actual leg can do that to ya. Same goes for seeing people eat Krispy Kreme doughnut cheeseburgers (yep, it’s exactly what you’re imagining). Or even picturing the thought of people consuming some of the options on display (e.g: fried butter).

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Football Brownies (made using my Nutella Brownies!)


As I mentioned on Monday, I recently teamed up with my friend Kate from The Everyday Hostess to style a fun little tailgating spread. I may be new to the art of tailgating, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve already figured out the two biggest assets of any great tailgate: food and drinks.

Le duh.

So when Kate suggested I turn my award winning (I consider exclamations of delight to be awards) Nutella brownies into a delicious little game day treat, I was like “so much yes!!!!” And, btw, when it comes to creating a super fun party spread, nobody does it better than my friend Kate!

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