How to Choose the Right MBA Program for You

How to Choose the Right MBA Program For You

Thanks for all of your support for last week’s posts, lovelies! I so enjoyed reading each and every email, comment, and DM – it so makes my day to know my posts are answering all of your questions and that y’all appreciate my posts.

Since y’all liked this post and this post so much, I thought I’d kick off this week by answering another question from y’all: how to choose the right MBA program for you.

As most of you know, I just finished my first year of my MBA program here in Dallas. I spent months deliberating between the various MBA programs. Looking back now, I have zero doubt that I made absolutely the right decision for me. So it’s about time I shared how I came to that decision.

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What to Wear for a Girls’ Night Out

Bright Blue Party Dress

At least once a week, I find myself needing girly time.

Especially with these long days. Often, the moment I get home, nothing sounds better than a glass of wine (or a few) with the girls. Sometimes I’m able to convince one of my best friends from school (who just so happens to live almost directly above me) to come down for a glass of wine. Or several.

But frequently, I’m forced to leave my house to meet up with the babes… Which – lets be real – I really loathe doing because that means I have to wait even longer to be horizontal and in pajamas.

So, in the event you’re like me and need something to get you excited so you can motivate yourself to get off of the couch, I’ve created my own comprehensive guide on what to wear for a girls’ night out. Because I don’t know about y’all… But if looking fly AF can’t motivate me to get my tuchus out the door, nothing will.

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Why I’m a Feminist (+ What Exactly that Means to Me)

What Feminism Means to a Millennial

In this day and age, the word “feminist” has a negative connotation. It conjures images of women bra-burning in the streets or angrily yelling “smash the patriarchy”.

Well, this isn’t one of those posts. Partially because that’s not what feminism means to me and partially because I would never burn my bras. I need those puppies too much on a daily basis.

To me, being a feminist is simply having your actions strive towards the goal of gender equality. More than just equal wages. In my opinion, the goal of feminism is to have a day when we don’t even need to worry about equal pay. A day when the thought doesn’t even cross our minds. When women don’t get threatened for attempting to rise above their station or take what was historically a “man’s job”.

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How to Dress Like Yourself in Business Professional + Some BIG News

How to Dress Like Yourself in Business Professional

Business professional is notoriously one of those attires with little to no room for personality. True business professional requires a navy, gray, or black suit. Pants and a blazer, skirt and a blazer, dress and a blazer.

Basically you have a total of nine possibilities. An entire category of clothing for nine options. WTF.

So you’re probably sitting there, saying to yourself “yeah, Amanda… this isn’t news. Why the F are you talking about business professional attire?”

Weeeeeelllllll drumroll please….

[and scroll down]

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Watercolor Maxi Dress

Watercolor Maxi Dress

Hi, friends! I’m back in Dallas after a two-week stint in Asia (and a few days of sleeping for legit 20 hours per day due to a combination of jet lag, exhaustion, and strep throat) (yes, somehow I have strep again ughhhh).

I wore this outfit to Lee Park’s Derby party earlier this month. During the event, I shared this watercolor maxi dress on my Instagram Stories and got so many questions about it – so, as promised, here’s the outfit in post form!

Oh and if you read nothing else of this post, know this: this dress is UNDER $100.

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