Navy Bell-Sleeve Blouse Under $100

Navy Bell-Sleeve Blouse Under $100

This post is going up a bit later than usual because I was feeling a little under the weather this weekend… and we can’t have that! After all, I leave for Spain on Friday!!

And, yes, this navy bell-sleeve blouse is totally coming with me. To wear as above, with my favorite mini for some nighttime fun, and/or with my brand-new aqua jeans.

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Ruffle Hem Blouse

Ann Taylor Flutter Sleeve Ruffle Hem Blouse

Note to self: write and publish the blog post before you do two workouts in one day. Not after. Because you will pass out the moment you get home, before you have the chance to do any work. And you will sleep for a solid 10 hours and it will be glorious.

And that is exactly what happened to me last night.

But here is what I was going to say today: there have been some crazy-weird trends in fashion happening lately. Wearing silk pajamas as daywear (like here and here), pom-pom everything (I’m totally on board for that one! I also love these shoes, this bag, and this clutch), tasseled everything (I’m digging this backpack, this bracelet stack, this top, and these earrings), and kimonos galore. Thankfully, there’s also a few somewhat normal ones… including flare sleeves. And, in case its not evident from my flared-sleeve ruffle hem blouse, I’ve become all about the flare sleeves lately.

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How I Stay Organized with iStratus DayPlanner

I definitely underestimated how challenging it would be to balance business school and the blog. When I was working, the work typically ended when I got home; I could use the post-work time to focus on the blog. Now, as an MBA student, the work never ends. Any given night, I’m up past 11PM working on either the blog or my schoolwork.

And then you throw in the wrench that is group projects: coordinating 5 peoples’ schedules to perfectly align is a lot more challenging than you think it would be. Staying organized and keeping a regular schedule became nearly impossible. And then I started using iStratus DayPlanner as my main organizational tool on my phone.

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5 Winter Knits You’ll Love with Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Per Una Collection

Come winter, every winter, I live in cozy winter knits. This is a trend that started in college – four years in the arctic tundra of Upstate New York really teaches you a thing or two about dressing for warmth.

However, so many of my friends here in Texas have no clue how to dress with function and form when the temperature dips. So Marks & Spencer and I thought it’d be fun to team up to bring y’all a guide to some of my favorite winter knits (including the one I’m wearing above!).

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Pink Sweater with an Embellished Collar

This post was supposed to go live last week… but then I had a few days of major ups and downs and I was like ehhhh I’m just going to lay here and do nothing instead.

#realtalk, people.

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you’ve already seen a few previews of this look (like here and here). If not, let me clue you in: I am totally obsessed with this embellished collar sweater. A) mine’s pink. Le duh. B) it has sparkles on the collar. Le double duh.

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5 Outfits to Inspire You for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner… and, even though I’m single [A.F.], I thought I should round up a few of my favorite Valentine’s-y looks for y’all from years past. When it comes to my own Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration, I always look for pieces that are feminine, flirty, romantic… and that make me feel like a friggin’ princess.

Shocker, I know.

And, between you and me, that’s actually my qualifications for just about everything I wear. Does this outfit make me feel like a friggin’ princess? Yes? Great. No? Add more bows / sparkles… STAT.

Like the dress above (still available here in pale pink!). Between the bows, the shade of pink, and the cut, I’m pretty sure I’ve achieved princess status. Plus, the fake eyelashes help.

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