The Perfect Gown for a Black Tie Event

ML Monique Lhuillier Burgundy Center Stage Gown

BAM. That’s what I feel like in this dress: like every time I walk into a room, somebody’s there making “BAM” sound effects.

I go to a lot of black tie events. Finding a dress that will top the previous gowns is hard work, y’all. But I truly think that this is it: I’ve finally found the perfect gown for a black tie event. It’s at once both sexy and classy, both exposing and demure. Really everything I want to communicate on a daily basis.

Plus it makes you feel like a princess when you wear it.

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Silver Gown

Silver Gown 1

Happy Monday, friends!

I wore this silver gown to the opera gala in Austin a few weeks ago and it was such a hit. I totally felt/acted like a princess all night. I may have channeled Cinderella for a solid seven hours. Complete in the way she hurried down the stairs. I have no regrets.

Except for the fact that the slingbacks I wore with this silver gown that night never once fell off. I feel like losing one of those would’ve cemented me finding my Prince Charming. Instead, the shoes stayed on and I ended the night drinking wine with my parents. Story of my life.

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Metallic Mermaid Gown

Mermaid Gown 1

Maybe it’s the girly-girl in me, but I love dressing up in gowns! This was my first time wearing a mermaid gown (one that hugs your body until about mid-thigh or calf and then flares out), and I promise you that it won’t be my last!

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A Gold Glitter Skirt

Glitter Skirt 1

Hellooooo holidays! This week is all about fabulous holiday party outfits. How fun is this look? This gold glitter skirt would be absolutely perfect for an upcoming holiday party, gala, or even a formal New Year’s Eve party (or perhaps even a wedding later this winter!). The moment I saw this gold glitter skirt on Rent the Runway, I knew I had to have it! Gold and glitter? Obviously this was my dream come true. Made my little glittery heart go pitter patter.

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Chiffon, Lace, and a Bit of Fur


Happy Monday, y’all! This week, I’m starting the week off with a bang – with officially the most luxe look I’ve ever worn. Ever.

It’s fitting that I wore it to my darling (and ever so glamorous and classy) friend’s wedding Saturday night.

Yes, two weddings in two weeks. In the past two weeks, two of my dearest friends have gotten hitched and changed their names. My phone is just as confused as my left foot is numb.

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