Tropical Print Dress + Best Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Tropical Print Dress

Happy Friday! In case you haven’t looked at the calendar yet, this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. But more on that later.

I wore this tropical print dress to my MBA prom at the beginning of the month. It’s tight as all hell (it’s basically a scuba suit) but it is so foxy AF in person – aka perfect for a party or wedding this summer! And yet somehow it’s still slightly conservative? Kind of? I don’t know. I just dig it.

Also, it makes your badonkadonk look excellent. (Or at least it would’ve if I had worked out even once in the week prior to taking these photos.)

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Orange Party Dress

BP Lula Block Heel Slingback Sandal

I am constantly on the lookout for a good party dress. And finding one is much more difficult than one might expect. A proper party dress needs to fit properly in the bust without showing too much cleavage (I have a big bust so things can rapidly go from super cute to absolutely-terrifying-oh-my-god-your-boobs-are-about-to-invade-a-foreign-country). I like for mine to be fitted in the waist but loose through the hips.

Oh, and preferably / ideally, it has pockets.

This orange party dress hit all of those nails right on the head, y’all.

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Valentine’s Day-Ready Pink Mini Dress

Valentine's Day-Ready Pink Mini Dress

Happy Monday, y’all! It’s T-8 days until Valentine’s Day: do you know what you’re wearing yet?

I recently picked up this pale pink mini dress (it’s under $100!) to wear for a slew of upcoming parties, weddings, and other events coming this spring. It has the cutest back and I just love the ruffle details!

And – added bonus – it’d be ever-so perfect for Valentine’s Day next week!

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Red Cocktail Dress for Valentine’s Day & An Announcement!

The moment I saw this red cocktail dress I was like YAAAS. Between the sculpted neckline and the midi-length, I was totally in love.

See? Apparently I can love inanimate objects and pretty dresses. I guess that doesn’t help my state of perpetual singledom but at least I know I’m capable of the emotion. So that’s refreshing.

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Pink Bow Dress for a Holiday Party

Shabby Apple Nutcracker Dress

I don’t buy things for one-time use. If a piece can’t be worn, and re-worn, and re-worn again, I don’t bother with it. That’s one thing that attracted me to this pink bow dress. I’ve worn this dress to weddings and operas and holiday parties and fancy MBA cocktail parties and so much more.

I seriously have spilt so many hors d’oeuvres on this dress, you wouldn’t even believe it.

Course, if that’s not the mark of a tried-and-true favorite piece, I don’t know what is.

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