Red Cocktail Dress for Valentine’s Day & An Announcement!

The moment I saw this red cocktail dress I was like YAAAS. Between the sculpted neckline and the midi-length, I was totally in love.

See? Apparently I can love inanimate objects and pretty dresses. I guess that doesn’t help my state of perpetual singledom but at least I know I’m capable of the emotion. So that’s refreshing.

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Bow-Neck Blouse & a 30 Before 30 Update

Bow-Neck Blouse

Happy Monday, friends! I’ve been lazily writing this post all morning because the weekend totally got away from me. (Anybody else out there feel the same?)

Though I left my job back in June, I’ve managed to stay in pretty close contact with many of my old coworkers – especially the ones from the U.K. Due to a work event, they’re all in town this week. So I expect that this week is going to be very crazy, with not a lot of sleep. Because that’s exactly how this weekend was. Saturday was full of pampering, shopping at Northpark (where I picked up this bow-neck blouse!), and dinner at Henry’s Majestic. And then Sunday I tried to make it all better by eating one salad (with beer… because that makes sense) while hiding out from the tornados at my friend’s house.

It was a weird weekend, y’all.

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Professional in Pink

How to wear pink to work

So this is going up a few hours later than originally planned. Why? Because somebody went out to HG SPLY last night and enjoyed their amazing frozen Moscow Mules (yes, really enjoyed) and forgot to hit “schedule” when she got home. So here we go.

I love showing a bit of femininity in professional settings. Figuring out how to wear pink to work or throwing in a bow here or there… there are so many ways to bring in girly style to the workplace.

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Burgundy Sheath Dress (Under $100!)

Well, hay there, stranger! It’s been a hot minute since you last heard from me. After nearly a month of almost-constant traveling, I’m finally back in Dallas. My last of the four trips was last week at Disney World. Unfortunately, I caught a cold from one of the children aka miniature disease incubators. And now I’m just about dying at my apartment. So if this post makes no sense whatsoever, please blame the anti-cold meds.

But I’m back. And that’s what matters.

To celebrate my return, I thought I’d share one of my favorite purchases from last fall: this burgundy sheath dress. This dress fits like a friggin’ glove, is available in three colors, and is under $70 right now!

I so dig.

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Red Bell-Sleeve Blouse + Last Chance to Enter Giveaway

Red Bell-Sleeve Blouse

Greetings from Colorado, dearies! I hope each and every one of you had a great Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / weekend. I got back in town late Friday evening from my amazing trip to Cuba (more on that later this week!!) and immediately packed up and flew out Saturday morning to spend the holidays with my family near Vail. For as long as I can remember, we’ve spent the holidays out here together and I’m so glad this year was no exception, despite my crazy travel schedule!

One item I’ve been bringing with me on all of my travels thus far (aka NYC, Cuba, and Colorado)? This red bell-sleeve blouse.

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