Pastel Birthday Party Dress + 30 Before 30 Update

ASOS Bow Cold Shoulder Sleeve Crepe Midi Dress

That’s it. I’m officially old. Well, hell.

On the plus side, I was perfectly pastel yesterday for my birthday celebrations. And this pastel birthday party dress was perfect. It has bows, cutouts, and a most delicious price tag ($68).

In fact, everything I’m wearing is under $100! I know: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

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Bow-Neck Blouse & a 30 Before 30 Update

Bow-Neck Blouse

Happy Monday, friends! I’ve been lazily writing this post all morning because the weekend totally got away from me. (Anybody else out there feel the same?)

Though I left my job back in June, I’ve managed to stay in pretty close contact with many of my old coworkers – especially the ones from the U.K. Due to a work event, they’re all in town this week. So I expect that this week is going to be very crazy, with not a lot of sleep. Because that’s exactly how this weekend was. Saturday was full of pampering, shopping at Northpark (where I picked up this bow-neck blouse!), and dinner at Henry’s Majestic. And then Sunday I tried to make it all better by eating one salad (with beer… because that makes sense) while hiding out from the tornados at my friend’s house.

It was a weird weekend, y’all.

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Corduroy Party Look & a 30 Before 30 Update


One of my favorite ways to dress up an otherwise casual outfit is by adding a totally fabulous statement piece. The more sparkly the jewelry, the more festive the outfit. I’ve long-loved the combination of moss green and rose pink – the moment you add sparkles into the mix, the outfit instantly goes from casual to the cutest corduroy party look!

I actually wore this look to a little fiesta with my MBA class a few weeks ago, but I just know that I’ll be wearing it through the holidays (especially given the color of these pants!).

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Cozy Workout Wear in Vail + a Giveaway!

Cozy Workout Wear in Vail

Hey there, stranger! It’s been so go-go-go around here, I’ve had basically ZERO time to sit down and work on le blog lately. Between my day seeing The Ballad of Baby Doe at the Central City Opera last Wednesday and spending all day Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday finishing up my pre-MBA math class (which I obviously left for the last minute because duh), I had scarcely any time to devote to blogging all week.

But now I’m baaaaaack. So get excited. And get excited because there’s a humongous giveaway at the bottom of this post! Woohoo!

You know what else is excitement-worthy? Cozy, comfy, and cute workout clothes. The folks over at the Athleta store in Frisco kindly gave me a ginormous haul last month in preparation for my trip to Colorado. And OMG y’all. I have been living in this blue wrap sweater ever since. Like every day. I’m not even kidding.

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My Favorite Skirt + a 30 Before 30 Update

Gheraldina Cotton Skirt

Happy Monday, kiddies! How was your weekend? Fun-filled and relaxing, I hope!

In case you missed it on Snapchat (@akkushner), I spent a lot of this weekend working on my bedroom redesign (check out the work-in-progress here). Friday night, I had some friends over for dinner / to help me build my new headboard. Well, it was supposed to be the boys build the headboard while the girls drink wine, but then all the boys cancelled and the girls had to build it (after finishing the bottle, of course!). I must say, I’m pretty stinkin’ impressed with myself right now. Manual labor is not usually my forte.

And, for the record, I would definitely not recommend doing manual labor in this Club Monaco skirt.

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