9 Birthday-Ready Spring Dresses Under $150

T – 5 days till B-day. And I am racking up the birthday-ready dresses for a weekend full of fun. Because any weekend that fits that criteria must obviously include multiple fabulous outfit changes.

As such, I’ve rounded up 9 of my favorite birthday-ready spring dresses under $150 (and ever-so budget friendly!) below. Happy shopping, friends!

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Orange Party Dress

BP Lula Block Heel Slingback Sandal

I am constantly on the lookout for a good party dress. And finding one is much more difficult than one might expect. A proper party dress needs to fit properly in the bust without showing too much cleavage (I have a big bust so things can rapidly go from super cute to absolutely-terrifying-oh-my-god-your-boobs-are-about-to-invade-a-foreign-country). I like for mine to be fitted in the waist but loose through the hips.

Oh, and preferably / ideally, it has pockets.

This orange party dress hit all of those nails right on the head, y’all.

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What to Wear to Passover Seder + What to Cook!

What to Wear to Passover Seder

So Passover is next week. Le what? If you’re anything like my five closest friends from my MBA program, this is your first year going to a Passover dinner and you have no freaking clue what to wear. Or you’re like me and you’re a seasoned pro… but somehow still at a loss for what to wear.

Enter: me and my solution for what to wear to Passover Seder.

And, just because I love food (and I know y’all feel the same way), I’ve linked a few of my favorite Passover recipes – all of which I’ll be making for my Seder with my MBA friends next week.

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15 Pink Things on my Birthday Wishlist

Rebecca Minkoff Large Mab Tote Bag in Light Mint

So fun fact: my birthday is right around the corner. As in less than two weeks away.


As I’ll be turning a less-than-thrilling age this year (27), I’m not making as big of a stink out of my birthday as I usually do. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a birthday wishlist. Entirely made up of pink things. I mean really, it’s my birthday after all.

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Embroidered-Sleeve Off-the-Shoulder Blouse (and Giveaway!)

LOFT Lacy Off-the-shoulder Top

This embroidered-sleeve off-the-shoulder blouse is totally my jam. Especially when temperatures climb.

As they did this weekend.

When I wore this top.

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