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Yesterday on my Instagram, I mentioned a brand I have come to love over the past few months: Lionesse. When I say that the Lionesse Skin Care line has completely changed my skin, I’m not kidding.

Before we really get cookin’ on today’s post, I just want to say that this is the skincare line that worked for me. However, we’re not all the same and what worked for me might not work for you. As with any skincare change, I highly recommend testing the products on your hands and/or on a patch on your neck for a few days before making the switch, just to make sure that you get the desired results (and don’t break out in hives – I can’t even tell you how many times that has happened to me!).

Lionesse Skin Care, White Pearl Skincare, My Skin Story, Dallas Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger Lionesse Skin Care, White Pearl Skincare, My Skin Story, Dallas Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Cleanser Lionesse Skin Care, White Pearl Skincare, My Skin Story, Dallas Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger Wrinkles and Fine Lines Filler Lionesse Skin Care, White Pearl Skincare, My Skin Story, Dallas Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Wrinkles and Fine Lines Filler Lionesse Skin Care, White Pearl Skincare, My Skin Story, Dallas Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Night Cream Moisturizer Lionesse Skin Care, White Pearl Skincare, My Skin Story, Dallas Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger skincare products

What I’m Wearing:

Robe: Pottery Barn / Pajamas: J.Crew, sold out / Signet Ring: BaubleBar
Flower Tray: Wendi Kushner Photography, c/o / Bedding: Serena & Lily / Pillowcases: Shhh Silk, c/o

Products Used:

Lionesse White Pearl Cleanser / Lionesse White Pearl Vitamin C Serum
Lionesse White Pearl Day Moisturizer Lionesse White Pearl Facelift Filler
Lionesse White Pearl Night Cream Lionesse White Pearl Facial Peeling

So my skin story… I get so embarrassed talking about this, but, quite truthfully, I’ve always had problem skin.

I know, I know: a lot of people are like “omg my skin is dreadful” and they have one blackhead on their chin that is too small to be perceived by the eyes of man.

My skin isn’t like that.

For as long as I can remember, I have had real issues with acne. It started around age twelve and rapidly turned into me getting on a first-name basis with my dermatologist. Whenever I start with a new dermatologist or find a new esthetician, they always ask me what my acne issues are: do I get blackheads or whiteheads, do I get a bunch of tiny bumps or do I get massive, cystic acne? Unfortunately, the answer is all of the above. And I’m pretty sure that I’ve tried every medication under the sun short of Accutane to clear it up.

It got worse as I went through puberty. I found out around age 14 that I’m genetically prone to staph infections. And no amount of good hygiene could prevent the over 30 staph infections I got over the next two years. This is a really sexy story, I know. When I was hospitalized for a particularly bad staph infection, one of my doctors introduced me to Hibiclens – a crazy-strong antibacterial that has been proven to be effective at killing MRSA (aka particularly pesky, next-level staph infections). To this day, whenever I get cystic acne, I put some Hibiclens on it for a few minutes while washing up and it will clear up in a matter of days.

But that didn’t solve the rest of my acne issues.

But then, a few months ago, Lionesse reached out to me about sending me a few products. As a then-25-year-old who was so over having acne, I could not say “yes” quickly enough! Within two weeks of receiving Lionesse’s White Pearl Collection of skincare, my skin completely changed. All of the sudden, my skin was soft and even, without any blotches and with very few breakouts. By using my new skincare routine and sleeping on my new Shhh Silk pillowcases, my skin got even better. Twenty-year-old me is smacking herself for not using these products sooner.

So what is my skincare routine?

Well, every morning, I wash my face with the Lionesse White Pearl Cleanser before applying the White Pearl Vitamin C Serum and the White Pearl Day Moisturizer. After letting the moisturizer soak into my skin for a minute or two, I apply the White Pearl Facelift Filler directly to the small lines starting to form on my forehead (gahd, wrinkles… that’s terrifying) and then apply my normal sunscreen (always SPF 50+) and makeup. At the end of the day, I wash my face twice with the Lionesse White Pearl Cleanser – once to take off the grime from the day and then once with my Clarisonic (with a soft brush head) to actually cleanse my face – before applying the White Pearl Night Cream and hopping off to bed. And then once a week (or every other week), I use the White Pearl Facial Peeling at night after cleansing and drying my skin and before applying the night cream to get rid of the dead skin and make sure my face is as soft and as radiant as it can be.

Confused about which skincare collection is right for you? The White Pearl Collection is pretty much Lionesse’s starter collection, full of all of the essentials for basic skin care. If your skincare concerns are primarily focused around the eye area (under eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles), try the Amber Collection. Looking for anti-aging? Check out the Black Onyx Collection – it’s anti-aging with thermal/heating effects. The Diamond Collection is perfect for those looking for intense moisturizer and hydration, and the Golden Sapphire Collection is ideal for skin rejuvenation.

The way I see it, your skin is an investment. If you take good care of your skin now, it will save you so much money in makeup (and botox!) in the long run. Let’s put it this way: a year ago – heck, even four months ago – I never would have dreamed about taking photographs for the blog completely makeup-free.

Have you found a skincare line that works for you? Please let me know in the comments below!

  • Maggie

    Great recommendations!! I will have to try this brand out :)

    • Definitely do! Thanks for stopping by, Maggie!!

  • Ok so I’m a huge skincare and all things beauty freak and I’m actually never heard of this brand. I use a lot of different brands for different products. If you follow me on Snapchat you see A LOT of insane amounts of skincare that one person cannot use on their face alone. I try to share with my boyfriend & friends so everyone can have skincare but I will have to check out this brand. Thanks for sharing lovely! xx Adaleta Avdic

    • Haha girl ME TOO. Definitely let me know what you think after you check them out – I’m obsessed! Thanks for stopping by, Adaleta!

  • Oh! This sounds really interesting. I have had acne forever… but I have cystic acne and it’s a pain in my butt!! I want to try this. I’ve never heard of it!
    The Fashionista’s Diary

    • Gah girl… cystic acne is THE WORST. Definitely check out Hibiclens as well. I swear it’ll totally change your life. Let me know what you think if you ever try it and thanks for stopping by :)
      XO Amanda

    • Lisa

      I just bought this today. I’ve had terrible skin forever. (hormones)
      I’m really truely hoping it works. I’m getting married later this year and don’t want my wedding photos with acne at the age of 42.
      Thanks for your review.

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  • Christine Broughton

    Great post I have found many good quality skincare products Clarins and Okay are my personal favorites

  • MariaElena Fratangeli

    Definitely got to try these products cause I get acne so bad thank you for the tips

  • christine morris

    I would love to try your products, would love to see how well they work on my sensitive skin. Cheers :)

  • doris wood

    I would love to try your products.

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    awesome product, would really like to win!

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    would love to try this!

  • Jennifer Stewart

    Tried a sample in key west loved it but can’t afford it right now #goals

  • Diane Eral

    thank you Lionesse for this giveaway—- I would love to win this.

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  • Laurie

    I bought the facelift filler and love it!! They have a kiosk at the outlets in Estero Fl. It gets rid of my bags and lines. It does leave some flaky residue. Anyone know know how to get rid of This? I don’t mind it at night but if I am going out and applying makeup over it I don’t want the flakes.

  • GCforever

    Elemis is very good if I can afford it but I am really pleased with Aldi’s affordable Lacura range, too.

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  • ToCo

    I love trying new products and have found some great ones along the way!

  • Loretta Gentle

    So glad it worked so well for you right off the bat. I feel your pain with the lifelong acne issues. I hope it continues to work so well for you!

  • MaryLou Sakosky

    You have a natural beauty . Thank you for sharing .

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