Casual White Dress aka the Ideal Picnicking Outfit

Casual White Dress aka the Ideal Picnicking Outfit

Yayyyyy it’s after Memorial Day! You know what that means? It’s finally time for ALL of the white dresses!

This casual white dress – which I scored from Rent the Runway – is a great piece for summer adventures. And I mean any summer adventures, whether they be brunches or parties, picnics or vineyard frolicking.

And that’s basically my summer to-do list. With a big emphasis on vineyard frolicking.

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Memorial Day Sales Roundup

Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Memorial Day sales are always some of the best of the year. Many retailers offer absolutely killer discounts and steals throughout the weekend. Best part? Since all of the sales are both in-store and online, you can shop them while lounging poolside this weekend, soaking up the sunshine and fun with your friends.

What’s better than that?

Keep reading to see my favorite picks and the full roundup of all of the best sales for this weekend! Trust me when I say: they’re prettayyyyy good :)

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Diane Von Furstenberg Dress (on sale!)

Diane Von Furstenberg Dress

In case I haven’t made it clear yet, I’m a dress girl. And a girly dress girl at that. Nine times out of ten, you will find me in some lil frock, typically sporting at least one bow or some flowers (ahem: see above) or something that could be possibly construed as “girly”.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had my eye on the traditional Diane Von Furstenberg dress – you know, the wrap one that skyrocketed her to being a household name. It’s so universally flattering… I swear, it’s impossible not to look good in one. She knows how to cut a dress to fit a woman’s body. So, it should come as no surprise that the rest of her dresses (aka the non-wrap ones) fit just as fabulously.

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Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup

Crock Pot Soup, Chicken Enchilada

I love a good crock pot soup recipe, don’t you? I first made this crock pot chicken enchilada soup recipe a few summers ago for my family while we were out in Colorado. Ever since, it has been one of my favorite soups to make whenever I have a desperate craving for soup, am having a dinner party, or just had a really bad day (shredding the chicken can be very therapeutic, just FYI).

I actually made this crock pot soup recipe last week when I had a few of my best friends over for dinner, wine, and a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity (I was off my game and came in second… definitely calling for a rematch STAT). At least the soup was a hit, even if my twisted sense of humor was under appreciated that night. Keep reading for the full recipe for this crock pot soup – it takes under 10 minutes to prep and each serving is under 300 calories!

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Blue Dress to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Blue Dress to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Okay – I am freaking obsessed with this blue neoprene dress. It would be the absolute perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding. No questions asked.

I scored this dress via Rent the Runway (per usual – seriously the Unlimited membership is the greatest thing ever… make sure you use code FFUNL050216 when you sign up and you’ll get $20 off your first month!) and this dress was basically a scuba suit in cocktail dress form.

But like… a super flattering one.

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Pink Mini Skirt

J.Crew Pink Mini Skirt

This pink mini skirt has been my #1 closet staple all spring. Seriously, it makes an appearance at least once a week (usually two or three times in a week!).

What? I’m not ashamed to be an outfit repeater.

This skirt goes perfectly with just about everything I own from this top (previously seen here) to this scarf and it will definitely be coming with me on my adventures this summer. I even wore my fab lil pink mini skirt (and the rest of this look) on my drive down to Austin this past weekend.

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