White Shift Dress with Gold Details

Lilly Pulitzer White Shift Dress with Gold Details

Y’all. This dress. Is there anything more perfect for summer fun than a white shift dress with gold details? I’m seriously such a fan.

Honestly, I’ve been a Lilly girl for years – their colors and shift dresses are basically what my little dreams are made of. Much to my mother’s chagrin (she’s a Vince lady… basically a younger version of Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada and a hair nicer… but just a hair), I’m as feminine and preppy as they come. My motto is the more bows the better. While my mom usually asks if something comes in black or gray, I would be a very happy camper with an entire closet of pink and yellow. And maybe some navy and white just to round things out.

Actually what am I talking about? That’s exactly the composition of my closet right now.

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My Favorite Bow-Toed Shoes for Spring

Oh hay there. I’ve been mad lazy lately when it comes to blogging because (a) my family (and Feebee – my dog!) were visiting me last week and (b) school has been super cray as of late. But, my fambam is gone and we’re in the home stretch (finals are next week) so I thought it about time I post this super fun roundup.

Especially since I’ve been working on it for a solid week and it’s probably the most “me” roundup I’ve ever posted.

Yep, we’ve got bows. All of the bow-toed shoes for spring your little heart could possibly desire.

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Pastel Birthday Party Dress + 30 Before 30 Update

ASOS Bow Cold Shoulder Sleeve Crepe Midi Dress

That’s it. I’m officially old. Well, hell.

On the plus side, I was perfectly pastel yesterday for my birthday celebrations. And this pastel birthday party dress was perfect. It has bows, cutouts, and a most delicious price tag ($68).

In fact, everything I’m wearing is under $100! I know: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

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Happy Birthday to Me (With a Super-Fun White Maxi Dress!)


In case the title of this post didn’t give it away, today’s my birthday! My 27th birthday, to be exact. So that should explain the unusual Sunday blog post.

In celebration of the big 2-7, I thought I’d share (a) this fabulous embroidered white maxi dress and (b) 27 fun facts about myself. Because today’s all about me. And Easter for some of you. But mostly, it’s about me.

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Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona Travel Guide- where to eat, what to do, where to stay

Okay, this is way overdue (not to mention I’m posting quite late today). Y’all have been requesting travel guides for Barcelona and Madrid ever since I got back from my trip last month, so my apologies for the tardiness of this post.

To start, we had the most magical time in both cities. But we’re just going to focus on Barcelona for this post. As we were there in the “off season” (winter and spring), the hotel was mad cheap. Like, we stayed at the Hotel Arts for under $300 per night (and they upgraded us when we arrived!). It was pretty baller… albeit a bit on the chilly side a few days.

So let’s just hop right in to my Barcelona Travel Guide, shall we?

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