Tropical Print Dress + Best Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Tropical Print Dress

Happy Friday! In case you haven’t looked at the calendar yet, this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. But more on that later.

I wore this tropical print dress to my MBA prom at the beginning of the month. It’s tight as all hell (it’s basically a scuba suit) but it is so foxy AF in person – aka perfect for a party or wedding this summer! And yet somehow it’s still slightly conservative? Kind of? I don’t know. I just dig it.

Also, it makes your badonkadonk look excellent. (Or at least it would’ve if I had worked out even once in the week prior to taking these photos.)

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My 9 Favorite Colorful One-Piece Swimsuits

On-Trend Swimsuits for Summer 2017

Oh god. Swimsuit season. My body is so not ready. Ever since I got back from Asia, I’ve been working out like a fiend to get my body in some semblance of a shape that isn’t round for the most daunting season of the year.


But actually though: I love summer. And playing in the water. Even if that means I need to workout a lot and reapply SPF90+ every half hour. Though I’ve historically gravitated towards bikinis, lately I’ve been crushin’ on fun and colorful one-piece swimsuits. Because black may be slimming, but it’s boring AF… so give me all of the navy, flamingo prints, and flirty coral numbers.

And, while we’re at it, how about we throw a fun tasseled coverup on top?

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Watercolor Maxi Dress

Watercolor Maxi Dress

Hi, friends! I’m back in Dallas after a two-week stint in Asia (and a few days of sleeping for legit 20 hours per day due to a combination of jet lag, exhaustion, and strep throat) (yes, somehow I have strep again ughhhh).

I wore this outfit to Lee Park’s Derby party earlier this month. During the event, I shared this watercolor maxi dress on my Instagram Stories and got so many questions about it – so, as promised, here’s the outfit in post form!

Oh and if you read nothing else of this post, know this: this dress is UNDER $100.

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The Comfiest Pale Blue Dress for Summer

Blue Summer Dress under $100

I was gonna write an entire blog post about this fabulous pale blue dress I scored recently (I actually wore it to my karaoke birthday party last month) but, instead, we need to talk about last night.

Y’all: it got weird.

After visiting GM’s Seoul operations yesterday morning, we spent the afternoon at the Korean spa. At which we received the most glorious yet painful massages we’ve ever received in our lives (I have the bruises/battle wounds today to prove it). After the spa, we quickly got ready for the evening, assuming our plan for karaoke was still on. It wasn’t. The plan was foiled and we somehow ended up at the world’s saddest jazz club.

Which we left pretty much immediately.

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Striped Bell and Bow-Sleeved Top

striped bell-sleeved top

Greetings from Seoul, friends!

I was dark for the past week and a half because first I had final exams, and then I had a [very tiny so don’t be alarmed at all] medical procedure, and then I had a 15-hour-long flight to Asia. But now I’m back. So get excited.

The moment I saw this striped bell-sleeved top, I immediately knew I had to have it. Under $50? Check. Super trendy and fab? Double check. With bows? The biggest check of all time.

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