How Much to Charge for a Sponsored Post

How to Determine How Much to Charge for a Sponsored Post, Ann Taylor Sweater Dress

It’s Wednesday… which means it’s time for this week’s Blogging Basics post! In case you’re new to Glitter & Spice, Blogging Basics is my weekly series in which I share all of my tips and how-to’s about blogging with y’all. Over the past few weeks, I’ve covered topics from how to set up a blog and which WordPress plugins to choose to my favorite social media tools (great for bloggers or for those of you in PR/marketing!) and my tips on differentiating yourself as a blogger.

This week’s topic? How to determine how much to charge for a sponsored post. Aka something all bloggers need to figure out at one point or another. Or, if you’re not a blogger, think of this post as a way to determine how much to budget for working with influencers on sponsored posts. See? Something for everyone!

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How to Maintain a Long-Distance Friendship

J.O.A. Ribbon Tie Flare Dress in Nude, How to Maintain a Long-Distance Friendship

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this post over the years. Most of y’all know that I went to undergrad in Upstate New York. As a result of my days as a big red bear, the majority of my friends from undergrad are far, far away.

But how do I keep those friendships strong from afar? At most, we see each other 2-3 times a year. So, over the past 6 years, I’ve figured out how to maintain a long-distance friendship – a few tips and tricks to ensure that my friendships stay strong no matter what.

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How to Differentiate Yourself as a Blogger

How to Differentiate Yourself as a Blogger, navy shift dress with bow

Happy Wednesday, friends! As mentioned the other day, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather as of late, which is why there’s been a bit of a delay in getting this post up. BUT now it’s up so we can all celebrate!

Today’s Blogging Basics post is all about how to differentiate yourself as a blogger (read the previous entries in my Blogging Basics series here!). This is something with which I struggle on an almost daily basis… even after 4 years. Finding your voice – and ensuring your voice stands out in the crowd – can be super challenging. So before we dive in, know that you’re not alone if you’ve been struggling with this lately!

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The Best Work-Appropriate Skirts for Under $150

I am all about buying pieces that are stylish and timeless. And that don’t break the bank. That’s a big one.

Over the summer, I bought a lot of work-appropriate skirts for under $150. And then school started back up. And, despite the fact that I’ve repeatedly told y’all that you’re supposed to wear business casual to MBA classes, I’ve been majorly slacking in the wardrobe department. As in miniskirts and a blouse with sandals on a good day. And ripped jeans with a comfy tee and my Soludos (or workout clothes!) the rest of the time.

I’d say A for effort… but that’d be grading on a steep curve.

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My Bedtime Routine to Guarantee a Good Night’s Sleep

My Bedtime Routine to Guarantee a Good Night's Sleep, ASOS lemon print pajamas

If there’s one area in which I truly excel, it’s sleeping. I can sleep just about anywhere and pretty much at any time. I sleep on planes, trains, and whenever I’m the passenger in an automobile. Typically, I can fall asleep in under 10 minutes.

But how do I do that? I’ve developed my own bedtime routine to guarantee a good night’s sleep. And I stick to it. When I deviate from that routine, I end up tossing and turning for hours on end. And nobody wants that (or to be around me after a night like that).

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